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My beach story

I’ve always loved the beach. So much that I used to think I could die watching the waves or being chased by them on the shores. I could smile and laugh by myself, and be completely honest and free. Like I didn’t need anything else in the world to feel complete.

This kind of close connection with the beach brings back childhood memories. My family and playmates used to swim all the time – splashing water on each other’s faces, chasing each other, playing and scrubbing our skins with sand, laughing all the way till our skins turned darker and darker year after year. Back then we didn’t know of the existence of skin lotions, let alone sunblock, so we just took all of the sun in to warm our skins and our days.

It was a fantastic childhood indeed…
Except that this beach bliss got tinged by an unkind episode that is forever etched in our memories.

We met a boy who always stayed by the beach. Talking to himself, writing things down on the sand and erasing them when somebody tried to come near. He didn’t talk to anybody and swam alone. Later, when we asked around, we learned about what happened
to his father.

He and his Papa were very close; they always went to the beach together. His father would always tell him that there are several islands far away, beyond the seas that their eyes could catch sight of. And that he should look past the sea borders to come across several big lands to realize his dreams. That’s where hope is, he said. Their hope for a better life.

His father was a fisherman who one day never returned from sail. Some said maybe he went to find bigger ships to sail with, found money and never returned home. Still, some thought an unfortunate incident happened during sail with his small banca. But since no body was found, only assumptions were drawn.

The boy remained hopeful, however. Then days turned into months, months into years, and yet no news was heard of the father. The boy’s mother died of illness, too, and we heard the boy was taken
in and out of foster homes.

The waters remained his favorite escape, this time to let out his anger on why the sea took his father, his dreams away…