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August 3, 2012


a measure of sociability

 Thank you, Accenture!

For 4 years, I was lucky to have been part of a global company that binds itself to building the skills and the potential leader in every employee. My stint there (the longest employment I’ve had so far) certainly pales in comparison all of my experiences
in the past put together.

In the four-year stretch, I suffered a blow to my self-esteem – I almost quit on my first few months, then eventually learned to stand my ground. The later years found me move up a notch in the ladder and becoming more involved in shaping my career and of those I hoped to help. Fantastic mentors enabled me to lead and guide junior teammates; I’ll always be grateful I was given the opportunity. In due course, I discovered my passion
(and obsession) for ‘perfection’. :)

Various interest-based groups and non-work initiatives within the company made me discover the many other things I am capable of. Some activities paved the way for my passions of old –
writing and singing – to resurface. ;)

Indeed, I had a blast… except that my involvement in various activities was slowly cramping my lifestyle. Being ‘super engaged’, which extended to non-work stuff took a toll on me – I got exhausted and had to narrow down my commitments
to solely project-related.

After 4 years of productive and rewarding work, I chose to cut short my journey in the company because I refuse giving justice to multiple roles. In short, it’s family over a flourishing career – having little capacity for serving both with best characterization
and performance.

Lessons learned on sociability

It’s amazing how, as we gain more experiences, we are able to do things that we thought were beyond our capabilities. Kaya naman pala. (It turns out that we can do it.) For those who knew me from years back, this is a far cry from the character I used to play: shy, unconfident, selfish, and accessible only by selected few – all stemming from deep-seated insecurities, and some laziness. :P

Yes, I still get ill at ease about speaking in crowd or groups but things are certainly looking up. Experience taught me that when your purpose is greater than your fear – especially if you’ve assumed responsibility beyond yourself, your communication skills may not be at its finest but your message will get across. In the course of your ‘interaction’, you’ll lose the initial apprehensions and then you’ll get better expressing yourself towards the end. Sabi nga nila, praktis lang din yan. (So they say, it’s only a matter of practice to be good at anything.) And, of course, putting in
the right amount of effort always pays off.

Social or people skills is another important skill area that we learn (and unlearn) over the years of our lives. Some people maximize the use of such skills to better their lot in life; others use them merely to get along. Myself being a semi-antisocial, Facebook comes in handy for allowing less need for meaningful personal
connections every time.

I’ve initially picked up some serious social skills when the task of organizing for volunteer or social events was tossed my way, where saying no was not an option. Luckily, these skills became useful and must-have later on as I took on bigger roles that help me grow
in serving the interests of others.

That is to say, in life, we are inclined towards performing repeated acts of service and empathy (and eventually, sincerity) in most of our dealings with people. It happens whether intentionally or not. It comes about even if we have not been friends with them on a personal level – maybe only able to find common ground. In more cases, it’s simply pakikisama (acceptable level of sociability) that
we are called upon to display.

In summary, I draw on my socializing experience and relative expertise only when necessary… as we are likely to build – or called to lead – different sets of associations along our journey (school, work, church, community, hobby groups, etc). But with everything else considered, I still prefer much nourishing “a few deep, lasting relationships” and fostering “a good number of social connections.

 “But no matter how we can walk away with little or no attachment, sometimes our shared experiences with people are embroidered in us and we’re associated with them for life.”

 Today is my Happy Bïrthday! Great, great Today! ;)


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  1. Aug 13 2012

    is this ur 1st post? =)

    • Syve
      Aug 16 2012

      Hi Rose! yep, this is the first post. =)

  2. Anonymous kuno
    Aug 21 2012

    quality over quantity jd… dapat jd diay dli ko mo stop sa pag practice ug sayaw maski gahi ug kataw-anan ko tan-awn.. basig pa diay ma improve pa.. hehehe

    • Syve
      Aug 21 2012

      Yes!!! don’t stop!!! practice lang yan. =)

      • Anonymous kuno
        Aug 21 2012

        pakit-on diay tkaw sa amo presentation.. proud kaayo ko sa akng kataw-anan na sayaw.. hahahaha


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