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reasons why i’m still a terrible mom :)

Working full-time supporting my child’s endeavors, I realized that many other moms have taken the same path. Also, I noticed (in my child’s class) that most of the kids with home-based moms make it to the honors list.

When I decided to resign from my previous job, I knew I was up to a bigger challenge. While taking care of the family’s basic needs is the primary role, the full-time mom stretches herself to become the child’s teacher at home. As with the first, the second task also entails huge responsibility.

Almost eight months into the roles and if I have to evaluate myself now, I believe I didn’t fare well… and here are the reasons why:

  • Being the disciplinarian doesn’t help. Taking charge of pointing out the mistakes and negative behavior of the child has its downside. For one, you have to endure the fact that sometimes your child will hate you.
  • My child still doesn’t have genuine appreciation for the things he does except play. Lazy bones seem to turn up during study time or whenever he’s given little tasks. (FYI, son’s computer time is limited to 2 hours daily.) But then again, how can I expect much from a 5-year-old boy and an only child?
  • I have never been so patient and am a bit of perfectionist, too. You can imagine how much noise I could generate, that sometimes I know I can get a bit harsh. Reminders posted in the house such as this: “BE GENTLE BUT FIRM” keeps me in check.
  • Study time for me is non-negotiable. Maybe I’m pushing him too hard to get the same or more feats than his parents had. But I just can’t wait around for my son to find motivation by himself – it doesn’t work that way for him yet. I have to push my ideas to help him learn things – faster, if possible.
  • My child is too young to appreciate what he has. He has been solely given the love and attention, including material things and other perks that his parents didn’t have as kids. (When I was a kid, where our parents were mostly not around to teach in far-flung villages, good grades were our gift to them when they came home.)

With all these and more, it becomes doubly a challenge to make the things my child has been readily provided with, precious in his eyes.

A welcome diversion

One time, I took him to the nearest SM mall at 10am (opening time) where we ate, studied for exams, and played games at the arcade.

That experience turned out to be one pleasant diversion (pictures below). :D We pretty much had what we both wanted without having the unnecessary arguments. I can only hope we can find decent parks nearby to do more of the same.

paborito ng mga bata (kids’ favorite) :D

study time at Jollibee!! :D

playtime at SM world of fun

car racing game!!

I know I am guilty of taking the role of teacher-mom rather seriously, although I see everyday as an opportunity. I’m always learning – taking down notes, reading references, pointing out my mistakes, and making necessary adjustments/improvements.

My child may be among the top students in class but his behavior altogether doesn’t score high. Although I take on the responsibility to motivate him in everything he does, it would be better when he learns to appreciate and work on things on his own. But what am I here for if I can’t prepare and guide him well until he’s ready?

Then again, what’s the rush? Maybe I’m pushing him too hard too early. Yes, sometimes I forget how little he is to mostly want these things for now – play, mess up, and have fun!!!

I know I should learn from him, too. :)

Have a great, great Today!