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the size of your dreams

Once, I was bothered by this thought about the size of one’s dreams. So bothered was I that I had to talk it out with a good friend. Thankfully, our conversation went well that placed me back
to my staunch sunny disposition.

Such thought has sprung from how I live my life relative to my dreams. For someone who took a long time to open herself up to the world, it’s not surprising that I’ve had smaller dreams all along. Maybe at some point I wished I was a princess of a rich country, but the younger me mostly wanted to become a singer so I spent most of my time at home singing and watching local variety shows. Although they encouraged it earlier, it eventually displeased my parents who wanted me to tread the “normal” path.

My other passion, writing, was born out of wanting to vent my frustrations. Good thing this alternative pursuit gained me recognitions that my high school friends and mentors mostly remember me for. It was a humbling experience to be reminded of that by my esteemed teachers in high school
in some of our conversations lately.

However, back then, I didn’t know if I really wanted to pursue my dreams and passions. And with no confidence to boot, I just allowed myself to get caught up with the pressure of earning a respectable college degree to find decent job after graduation.
And the rest, they say, is history.

Today, I still hold on to my dreams and true passions. But it’s more of finding suitable purposes for them. They’re not my way of life and definitely I don’t feel as strongly for them as I used to.

When we get older, it doesn’t mean we don’t need the passions and purposes to get along. Instead, we find higher purposes to serve. Priorities change. What mattered much when we were younger may be fine-tuned and turned into something more valuable not just to ourselves but for others, as well. And as we build expertise
along the way, it all comes down to our choices.

The size of our dreams gets redefined through the years. I’d like to end with this quote (source unknown): “No one could actually say that you deserve better ‘cause the best thing
that you deserve will always be your choice.”

Live fully the life that you choose!
Have a great, great Today! :D